Tiltwall buildings are becoming the preferred method of construction throughout the nation.   These buildings are by no means a new technology, but have been around since the 1970s.

Highland Enterprises erected the first tiltwall building in Las Cruces in 1979 and has been the square-foot leader in the community ever since. Benefits include lower insurance costs, quickness of construction, and durability.

Not just for warehousing anymore, tiltwall construction can easily be designed to incorporate architecturally pleasing shapes and forms. By adding foam, tile, metal, or stamping, your project can be made to look like almost anything you could want. The key to a successful tiltwall project is to have an experienced team of project managers and superintendents to double check every measurement of every panel , from overall length and height of the pic and brace points.

Highland Enterprises one of the oldest most experienced firms in Las Cruces when it comes to building subdivisions. Put this experience to work for you!

  • Golf Course Communities
  • Town House Communities
  • Single-Family Subdivisions
  • Estate Lot Communities
  • Natural Low-Impact construction
  • Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions